2023 Roster

Here's the roster of runners registered for the 2023 Banana Slug Backyard Ultra. This list was last updated February 1, 2023. Click on any underlined name for a profile of that person.

Name Hometown 2022 Result
1. Joe Carroll Portland, Oregon 25 loops
2. Heidi Quinn Wasilla, Alaska First year!
3. Staci Bronson Philomath, Oregon First year!
4. Matt Greensmith Portland, Oregon First year!
5. Stephen Schieberl Estacada, Oregon 24 loops
6. Michael Hauser Portland, Oregon 8 loops
7. Peter Frick-Wright Portland, Oregon 15 loops
8. Ellie Bon Sonoma, California 14 loops
9. Liam Handron San Mateo, California First year!
10. Paul Bourman Beaverton, Oregon 12 loops
11. Grant Polson Hood River, Oregon 10 loops
12. Glenn Armstrong Tigard, Oregon 8 loops
13. Mikey Sklar Lakewood, Washington 30 loops
14. Will "Slowfat" Martin Eugene, Oregon 2 loops
15. Gaelen Watt Gladstone, Oregon First year!
16. Keegan Winkle Nampa, Idaho First year!
17. Selena Schaefer Longmont, Colorado First year!
18. Jenny Marietta Forest Grove, Oregon First year!
19. Scott Martin Portland, Oregon 34 loops
20. Julija Šorytė Portland, Oregon 26 loops
21. Tallyn Sherman Denver, Colorado First year!
22. Steven Walling Portland, Oregon First year!
23. Michael Erickson Portland, Oregon First year!
24. Andrea Artman Beaverton, Oregon 16 loops
25. Amy Margolis Sisters, Oregon First year!
26. David Wilson Sisters, Oregon 25 loops
27. Shauna Zobrist Sisters, Oregon First year!
28. Priscila Alba Seattle, Washington First year!
29. Elvis Cocho Seattle, Washington First year!
30. Daniela Ramirez Seattle, Washington First year!
31. Steve Walters Tigard, Oregon 14 loops
32. Tamara McEwen Portland, Oregon First year!
33. Jeff McPherson Independence, Oregon First year!
34. Anne Savage Beaverton, Oregon First year!
35. Ryan Cotton Vancouver, Washington 33 loops
36. Gary Hartill Portland, Oregon First year!
37. Kyle Resnik Albany, Oregon First year!
38. Saulius Braciulis Seattle, Washington 14 loops
39. Josh Townsley Portland, Oregon First year!
40. Jameson Collins Eugene, Oregon First year!