Apr. 7, 2020:
Cover Your Face! An early givewaway for runners registered for the (currently postponed) 2020 Banana Slug Backyard Ultra.
Mar. 20, 2020:
April 2020 Race is Postponed Oregon State Parks are currently closed through at least May 8.
Mar. 8, 2020:
Let's Get to Know Each Other. We've just published the 13th participant profile: Scott McCracken, (that's out of 30 runners currently registered).
Mar. 7, 2020:
Some Backyard Inspiration. Here are some great podcast recommendations for your last few weeks of training!
Feb. 23, 2020:
A Sunny, Winter Walkthrough. A photo preview of the day-loop course: through the trees, along the river, and then back on the bike path.
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A backyard ultra is a deviously simple race. Runners just have to complete a 4.1667-mile course within a one-hour cutoff. And then do that again at the end of that hour. And again the next. And again. There's no limit on how long the race might be, (neither time nor distance). The race continues as long as there are multiple runners still on the course. The only way to finish the race is to complete the course when no other runner can.

There can be at most one finisher (and winner), while every other entrant is a DNF (did not finish).

The fastest runner won't necessarily win this race. And mental strength is every bit as important as physical strength. How long can you keep moving? If you fight hard enough to earn a DNF at a backyard ultra then you may have truly found your limit. If you win, you might still be wondering.



The 2020 Banana Slug Backyard Ultra will take place at Champoeg State Park at 8239 NE Champoeg Rd., St. Paul, OR 97137, (about 25 miles south of Portland) along the beautiful Willamette River.


The 2020 race was originally scheduled to start on April 18 but is currently postponed and the replacement date is yet to be decided.

The race will start precisely at 7:00 with all runners present attempting to complete a 4.1667-mile course before 8:00 AM. Then at 8:00 AM, another loop will be started. This will continue until there is a loop where only a single runner is able to complete the loop within the time limit, (or, perhaps until there's a loop with no finisher).

Given this format, it's hard to predict when the race will end. Runners should come fully prepared to run through the night, (bring reflective clothing, headlamps, and extra batteries).


The race uses a lovely system of trails at Champoeg State Park. The loop course follows a single-track trail through trees and along the river with scenic views. The final portion of this 4.1667-mile loop is on a paved bike path.

This same trail course will be used for the first 12 hours of the race. At 7:00 PM the race will switch to the night course which is entirely paved, (both bike path and a road that is closed to vehicles at night). The race will switch back to the trail course at 7:00 AM the next morning and continue switching back and forth between these two courses every 12 hours until the race is complete.

Check-in and Camping

Camp sites are available to runners that select the camping option during registration. Camping fees are included in the registration. Race-packet pickup and campsite setup will be available at 6:00 PM on Friday the night before the race. Those who are not camping will be able to pick up their race packets the morning of the event at 6:00 AM.

We should have some time for good socialization Friday night at the camp site, and we will plan to do a course walkthrough for anyone who would like to preview it.


Champoeg Park has restrooms and showers available. A restroom is accessible very near the beginning of the race course on every loop (day or night).

For any time that runners have available between loops, we have a large, covered pavilion available with picnic tables. If runners wish to bring personal supplies (such as camp chair, cooler, duffel bag) there will be room to store all of those under the covered pavilion. These items and the pavilion will be easily accessible during "interloopal" periods (as the pavilion is immediately adjacent to the start/finish line).

The race will provide an aid station at the start/finish pavilion with water, Tailwind Endurance Fuel, and fruit (bananas of course!). No aid stations are provided along the course, (but of course, you'll be returning to the start regularly). Runners are encouraged to bring preferred food and beverage as needed for an endurance race.

Registration fees

Your registration fee (paid in advance here on the website) includes participation in the race itself as well as camping, day-use, and parking fees (for one vehicle) for the state park. So, do not pay any additional fees when entering the park!

Any spectators driving their own vehicles will need to pay the standard $5 fee for day-use parking.


A portion of the proceeds from the race will be donated to Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue, a local all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to providing Search and Rescue assistance for people who are lost or injured out of doors.


  • Each loop starts precisely at the top of the hour with the ringing of a cowbell
  • Any runner not in the starting corral at the bell is eliminated
  • All runners must start at the bell (no late starts)
  • Warning whistles will be given 3, 2, and 1 minutes prior to the start
  • Once a loop starts, no runner can leave the course (except for restrooms)
  • No non-competitors are allowed on the course (some public may be encountered)
  • No personal aid can be given during a loop
  • No artificial aids are allowed (including trekking poles)
  • Each loop must be completed within an hour to be counted
  • Slower runners must allow passes
  • The winner is the person who completes a loop that no other runner completes
  • All others are technically DNF
  • If there is a loop that no runner completes, there is no winner


Registration is currently closed since the 2020 race has been postponed due to COVID-19 and we are waiting until we can establish a replacement date.

In the meantime, you may fill out the form below to add your name to a waitlist. When registration reopens, we will first contact participants on the waitlist to give them the first chance to register.

Before adding your name to the waitlist, we'll collect a bit more information to be used for any future registration.

T-Shirt size:
Will you camp the night before?

Waiver and Release

  • I know that running a race is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and run unless I am medically able and properly trained.

  • I understand that this event includes both paved and unpaved sections with hazards that may include uneven surfaces, tree roots, loose rocks, wet areas, and steep drop-offs near the trail.

  • I understand the event continues into the night hours and entails running in the dark. I will bring and use all necessary clothing and gear to both see and be seen, (reflective vest, headlamp, extra batteries, etc.), or will not be allowed to continue in the dark.

  • I release the organizers of this event from all claims arising out of participation in this event. I assume all risks associated with participation including falls, contact with others, the weather, and traffic or course conditions.

  • I grant permission to use my name, photographs, or recordings of this event for any legal purpose. I grant permission to race management to remove me from the event at any time solely at their discretion.

  • Minors accepted only with a parent or guardian's signature.

I understand I will be required to sign a waiver at check-in in order to participate in this race.


The Backyard Ultra was invented by Lazarus "Laz" Lake who has been hosting Big's Backyard Ultra in his own backyard (and with his dog, Big) since 2011.

After Johan Steene won the race in 2018 (68 loops, 283.33 miles) a number of "affiliated" and "Golden Ticket" backyard ultra races sprang up all over the world. The winner of any golden ticket race wins automatic entry into the next Big's Backyard Ultra. However, only a limited number of finishers from affiliated backyard ultra races will be granted admission to Big's, (those who complete the most loops will be considered first).

In 2019, after Maggie Guterl (60 loops, 250 miles) defeated golden ticket winners from all over the world, Carl Worth was so captivated by the race format that he wanted to try one himself. But after noticing that there is no existing backyard ultra in Oregon, (and apparently nobody from Oregon has ever entered Big's Backyard Ultra), he decided he'd have to organize a backyard ultra for Oregon. So the Banana Slug Backyard Ultra was born.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this crazy race, or if you would like to volunteer to help make this race a success, please don't hesitate to email Carl Worth <>