Profiles of Participants

Some of the participants in the 2023 Banana Slug Backyard Ultra are featured below. See the complete roster for a complete list of participants.

Tallyn Sherman
Tallyn Sherman

Tallyn "The Gazelle" Sherman is a southern born, midwest raised, east coast averse running phenom (in his head at least). His passion for running is cemented in his soul, having competed in cross country, 5ks, 10ks, and Half-Marathons in the Fields, Forests, and streets of Wisconsin through High School, to the Majestic Island of Staten & exotic parks of Brooklyn & Manhattan NY for collegiate cross country (D3, for first semester of college, non-scholarship) and back again to the Fields, Forests, and streets of Wisconsin @ UWMilwaukee (non-collegiate 5 & 10Ks, Half Marathons), to finally creating his own home in Denver and beginning to branch into Ultras in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

His love of running has brought him to his first West Coast running experience. Having competed at the Ouray Last Man Standing race (7 Yards first year, 10 Yards second year) in the heart of the mountains, he knows the wonderful torture that awaits and can't wait to experience with his fellow masochists.

Also, Carl don't listen to Joe. If you get Domino's, definitely get pineapple (please)!

Heidi Quinn
  • Heidi Quinn
  • Heidi Quinn

Hey gang, Heidi Quinn here coming in from the far north of Alaska. I started running about 12 years ago when I lived in the Willamette Valley and am excited about coming back to chase down loops with you all.

I was mostly a road runner during my years in Oregon (sad, I know) and didn’t start trail running until I moved to Alaska in 2015. I was fortunate to meet some insanely hardcore mountain and trail runners here who inspired me to start running longer and steeper. In 2021 I ran my first ultra, the Mt. Hood 50K and in 2022 I finished the 12 hour Alaska Endurance Race, the Denali 100K, and most recently the JFK 50 Mile.

When I’m not slogging out miles while eating snacks, I’m busy being mom to my 15 year old son who shares my love of long trail miles and putting on other grueling races for fellow dirtbags. As a race director for AKtive Soles, my team and I put on a few mountain and trail races each year and this year added our first backyard ultra. After watching all the suffering that went on during that race I felt like I was missing out and knew I needed to experience it for myself. So here I am. Looking forward to the party with you all.

Keegan Winkle
Keegan Winkle and Lauren

I’m Keegan, the male portion of this lobster-rat adoption (the lady with the smile is my wife Lauren and lobster-rat co-parent). I’m an accountant, former Portland State/Mt.SAC pole vaulter, and fly angler. I’m a novice ultra/trail runner but since my track and field life is in my past, I’m leaning into a new outlet to cause myself pain. This will be my second organized race and I look forward to finding out what lap will make me cry and which one will make me quit.

Can’t wait for April!

Mikey Sklar
Mikey Sklar and crew

This race will be my sixth backyard. My best is 30 loops and if it is a good day, on a good day, on a good day maybe more. I do well in loop races and use marathon through 100k’s (which my girlfriend makes me run) as training runs. I design DIY hardware for a living and work part time for Adafruit. Really hoping everyone can stay in there as long as possible so we can put up a big number by working together.

Matt Greensmith
Matt Greensmith

Matt "trail daddy" Greensmith is a pillar of Portland's non-competitive beer mile community. Often referred to as "the Barry Bonds of trail running", Matt is legendary for both his arm strength and his willingness to try any banned substance once, just for the experience. He firmly intends to win his age group of "middle-aged bearded Clydesdale men who are attempting a backyard ultra for the first time," even if he ends up with an asterisk beside his name.

Joe Carroll
  • Joe Carroll during Mountain Lakes

    Joe at Mountain Lakes

  • Joe Carroll at the Waldo Trail Run

    Joe at the Waldo Trail Run

Hi, I'm Joe. Last year, on my 26th loop at the Banana Slug I was hit in the arm by an errantly thrown frisbee that came from a negligent disc golfer. Sadly, I never regained the emotional fortitude to continue with the competition and timed out. The physical scars have healed but the nightmares of hippies and frisbees still haunt me. This April I'll be back to conquer my fears.

Also, Carl? Can you order us Domino's for the night loop? Please, nothing with pineapple (Yuck). Thanks in advance!