Profiles of Participants

Some of the participants in the 2023 Banana Slug Backyard Ultra are featured below. See the complete roster for a complete list of participants.

Matt Greensmith
Matt Greensmith

Matt "trail daddy" Greensmith is a pillar of Portland's non-competitive beer mile community. Often referred to as "the Barry Bonds of trail running", Matt is legendary for both his arm strength and his willingness to try any banned substance once, just for the experience. He firmly intends to win his age group of "middle-aged bearded Clydesdale men who are attempting a backyard ultra for the first time," even if he ends up with an asterisk beside his name.

Joe Carroll
  • Joe Carroll during Mountain Lakes

    Joe at Mountain Lakes

  • Joe Carroll at the Waldo Trail Run

    Joe at the Waldo Trail Run

Hi, I'm Joe. Last year, on my 26th loop at the Banana Slug I was hit in the arm by an errantly thrown frisbee that came from a negligent disc golfer. Sadly, I never regained the emotional fortitude to continue with the competition and timed out. The physical scars have healed but the nightmares of hippies and frisbees still haunt me. This April I'll be back to conquer my fears.

Also, Carl? Can you order us Domino's for the night loop? Please, nothing with pineapple (Yuck). Thanks in advance!