Note: This page is about the last-person standing event in 2024, the Banana Slug Backyard Ultra. If you're looking for the 24-hour limited race, see the Banana Slug Backyard 24 instead.

2024 Results

The 2024 Banana Slug Backyard Ultra started with 60 participants at 7:00 AM on Friday, April 19 and ended just after 7:36 AM on Sunday, April 21 when Scott Martin won by completing the course for his 49th time in under 49 hours, covering a total distance of 204.17 miles.

  • Scott Martin

    Scott Martin during an early loop (Photo: James Holk)

  • Scott Martin

    Scott Martin's last step in the race (Photo: Jameson Collins)

Julija Šorytė delivered the "assist" in the race by completing the course 48 times in under 48 hours, covering a total distance of 200 miles.

Julija Šorytė

Of special mention this year is that 15 runners completed the 24th loop (100 miles). This breaks the course record from 2022 when 11 runners reached that milestone. Each of these runners earned a 100-mile coin for this accomplishment. Congratulations to Daemon Anastas, Gabe Callaway, Jameson Collins, Jeremy Smith, Joshua Niggli, Julija Šorytė, Nick Eiben, Pam Smith, Peter Frick-Wright, Ryan Cotton, Ryan McIrvin, Saulius Bračiulis, Scott Leonad, Scott Martin, and Stephen Maher.

It's also worth noting that the last 3 runners remaining in the race this year, (Scott Martin, Julija Šorytė, and Saulius Bračiulis), all happen to be 3rd-time repeat runners having competed in the Banana Slug Backyard Ultra every year since the initial race in 2022. They also tied the record set by 5 runners in 2023 of completing 7 hours of competition without a single runner dropping. Immediately afterward, the last 2 runners in the race, Scott Martin and Julija Šorytė tied this record again by completing an additional 7 hours of competition just the two of them with no drops.

Congratulations to all 60 runners that participated! We counted 34 runners that beat a personal record. That was either by completing more loops than in any previous backyard ultra, or if new to the format, running further than they ever had before in a single event. We hope that many will come back in the future for yet another chance to ring the PR bell.

Starting Field

For more photos of the race, see the complete photo album

The table below gives final results for every runner. Click/tap on any column header to sort (or reverse sort) by that column. Also see the results spreadsheet for the times for every runner on every loop of the race. Note: The PR's indicated in the table below are based solely on previous backyard ultra results, and do not necessarily indicate the furthest distance ever run.

Note: Each loop in the table below represents 4.167 miles run in 1 hour. For example, a 24-loop result equals 100 miles run, and 49 loops equals 204.17 miles.

Result Given Surname Bib Hometown Loops Races run
Winner Scott Martin 35 Portland, OR 49 PR!
DNF Julija Šorytė 30 Portland, OR 48 PR!
DNF Saulius Bračiulis 25 Seattle, WA 40 PR!
DNF Jeremy Smith 37 Soda Springs, ID 32
DNF Jameson Collins 20 Eugene, OR 28
DNF Daemon Anastas 4 Portland, OR 27 PR!
DNF Joshua Niggli 22 Aurora, OR 26 PR!
DNF Peter Frick-Wright 19 Portland, OR 25 PR!
DNF Pam Smith 15 Salem, OR 25 PR!
DNF Scott Leonard 62 Corvallis, OR 25 PR!
DNF Stephen Maher 40 Eugene, OR 25 PR!
DNF Ryan Cotton 33 Vancouver, WA 24
DNF Ryan McIrvin 24 Renton, WA 24 PR!
DNF Nick Eiben 29 Issaquah, WA 24
DNF Gabriel Callaway 21 Boring, OR 24 PR!
DNF Jason Garcia 59 Bellevue, WA 22 PR!
DNF David Wilson 27 Sisters, OR 21
DNF Gaelen Watt 14 Gladstone, OR 21 PR!
DNF Rob King 34 Washington Court House, OH 20
DNF Saulius Eidukas 48 Bend, OR 20 PR!
DNF Colin Pennington 46 San Diego, CA 20 PR!
DNF Keith Collins 38 Boulder, CO 20 PR!
DNF Sara Myre 61 Portland, OR 19 PR!
DNF Treavor Campbell 41 Dallas, OR 18 PR!
DNF Mikal Pattee 58 Newberg, OR 18 PR!
DNF Jason Gandee 42 Hillsboro, OR 17 PR!
DNF Melissa Quinn 63 Milwaukie, OR 17 PR!
DNF Mosi King 64 Beaverton, OR 17 PR!
DNF Christian Isakson 11 Portland, OR 17 PR!
DNF Michael Blackburn 54 Boulder, CO 16 PR!
DNF Matthew Merritt 44 Newberg, OR 16 PR!
DNF Kate Lewis 39 Denver, CO 16 PR!
DNF Tyler Franklin 8 Lyons, OR 15 PR!
DNF Amy Margolis 17 Sisters, OR 15 PR!
DNF Paul Bourman 13 Beaverton, OR 15 PR!
DNF Ruth Leibfritz 5 Colorado Springs, CO 15 PR!
DNF Josh Townsley 6 Portland, OR 14 PR!
DNF Katie Baldessari 51 Sisters, OR 13 PR!
DNF Neil McManaway 55 Portland, OR 13 PR!
DNF Jacob Goltry 31 Portland, OR 13
DNF Art Fowler 16 Hillsboro, OR 13 PR!
DNF Joe Carroll 26 Portland, OR 13
DNF Sarah Dickes 7 Colorado Springs, CO 13 PR!
DNF Charlie Blackmar 47 Portland, OR 12 PR!
DNF Heidi Quinn 10 Wasilla, AK 12 PR!
DNF Mike Grant 65 Portland, OR 12 PR!
DNF Mikey Sklar 32 Tacoma, WA 12
DNF Jared Wilson 49 Portland, OR 12 PR!
DNF Steve Walters 18 Tigard, OR 12
DNF Andrea Artman 23 Beaverton, OR 11
DNF Keenan O'Hern 57 Newberg, OR 11 PR!
DNF Frank Schaefer 50 Portland, OR 11 PR!
DNF Jon Banashek 56 Boulder, CO 10 PR!
DNF Alan Davis 36 Portland, OR 10 PR!
DNF Edgar Perez 2 Sandy, OR 10 PR!
DNF Philip Clarke 1 Portland, OR 9 PR!
DNF Deakan Gross 53 Wasilla, AK 8 PR!
DNF Kristofor Simensen 28 Camas, WA 7 PR!
DNF Keith Callaway 9 Canby, OR 6
DNF Joel Lecarno 3 Tigard, OR 5 PR!