Note: This page is about the race limited to 24 hours, the Banana Slug Backyard 24. If you're looking for the last-person-standing race, see the Banana Slug Backyard Ultra instead.

2024 Results

The 2024 Banana Slug Backyard 24 started with 48 participants at 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 13 and ended just before 8:00 AM on Sunday, April 14 after Shannon Black and Van "Pigtails" Phan each completed the course for the 24th time in under 24 hours, covering a total distance of 100 miles each.

  • Shannon Black

    Shannon Black finishing 100 miles (Photo: David Wilson)

  • Van Phan

    Van "Pigtails" Phan finishing 100 miles (Photo: David Wilson)

  • Van Phan and Shannon Black

    Van and Shannon with their finisher medals (Photo: David Wilson)

Congratulations to all 48 runners that participated! We counted 34 runners that beat a personal record. That was either by completing more loops than in any previous backyard ultra, or if new to the format, running further than they ever had before in a single event. We hope that many will come back in the future for yet another chance to ring the PR bell.

Starting Field
David Wilson

For more photos of the race, see the complete photo album

The table below gives final results for every runner. Click/tap on any column header to sort (or reverse sort) by that column. Also see the results spreadsheet for the times for every runner on every loop of the race. Note: The PR's indicated in the table below are based solely on previous backyard ultra results, and do not necessarily indicate the furthest distance ever run.

Note: Each loop in the table below represents 4.167 miles run in 1 hour. For example, a 24-loop result equals 100 miles run, and 20 loops equals 80.33 miles, etc.

Result Given Surname Bib Hometown Loops Races run
Finisher Shannon Black 39 Vancouver, WA 24 PR!
Finisher Van "Pigtails" Phan 24 Tacoma, WA 24
DNF Dustin Worth 1 Moscow, ID 20 PR!
DNF Jacobi Wilfong 42 Brownsville, OR 17 PR!
DNF Carl Trabant 21 White Salmon, WA 17 PR!
DNF Glenn Armstrong 10 Tigard, OR 16 PR!
DNF Tony Covarrubias 37 Talkeetna, AK 15 PR!
DNF David Lohman 14 Seattle, WA 15 PR!
DNF Bill Hortsch 33 Newberg, OR 15 PR!
DNF Casey Morin 47 Vancouver, WA 15 PR!
DNF Jeff Leonard 54 Hillsboro, OR 15 PR!
DNF Shauna Zobrist 13 Sisters, OR 14 PR!
DNF Barrett Ford 59 Sisters, OR 14 PR!
DNF Kelly Fruth 17 Grants Pass, OR 14
DNF David Landoch 49 Centennial, CO 13 PR!
DNF Brooke Landoch 48 Vancouver, WA 13 PR!
DNF Jason Moore 26 Portland, OR 13 PR!
DNF Eric Liddell 6 Sisters, OR 12 PR!
DNF Tylor Wolter 11 Newberg, OR 12 PR!
DNF Jess Contreras 43 OR City, OR 12 PR!
DNF Taylor Hickernell 7 Sherwood, OR 12 PR!
DNF Marcy Shadrin 15 Mount Angel, OR 12 PR!
DNF Lisa Jensen 12 Portland, OR 12 PR!
DNF Matthew Sagers 55 Hercules, CA 11 PR!
DNF Tyson Butler 19 Newberg, OR 10 PR!
DNF Kurt Lambert 25 Beaverton, OR 10 PR!
DNF Chris Sharp 18 Newberg, OR 10 PR!
DNF Lorenzo Contreras 44 OR City, OR 9 PR!
DNF Andy Shadrin 16 Mount Angel, OR 9 PR!
DNF Maxwell Lintner 40 Wilsonville, OR 9 PR!
DNF Jeremy Kaufmann 45 OR City, OR 8 PR!
DNF Tamara McEwen 4 Portland, OR 8 PR!
DNF Phillip Villegas 29 Newberg, OR 8 PR!
DNF Ken Moriyasu 46 Beaverton, OR 8 PR!
DNF Fontaine Kaufmann 46 OR City, OR 8 PR!
DNF Justin Gutierrez 28 Wilsonville, OR 8 PR!
DNF Brandon Wolter 36 Grants Pass, OR 8 PR!
DNF Kim Davis 23 Sisters, OR 7 PR!
DNF Griffin Piper 52 Wilsonville, OR 7 PR!
DNF Joel Bojorquez 34 Hillsboro, OR 7 PR!
DNF Sean Mobli 2 Tigard, OR 6 PR!
DNF Lauren Winkle 5 McMinville, OR 6 PR!
DNF Keegan Winkle 9 McMinnville, OR 6
DNF Heather Fuselier 30 Tallahassee, Florida 5 PR!
DNF Edward McGrath 3 Tigard, OR 5 PR!
DNF Austin Minick 38 Salem, OR 4 PR!
DNF Jacob Vigil 58 Newberg, OR 4 PR!
DNF Nicole Smith 31 Gresham, OR 4 PR!