2022 Results

The 2022 Banana Slug Backyard Ultra started at 7:00 AM on Saturday, April 23 and ended just after 4:46 PM on Sunday, April 24 after Scott Martin completed the course for his 34th time in under 34 hours, covering a total distance of 141.67 miles.

  • Scott Martin prior to the race

    Scott Martin prepping for the race. Photo credit: James Holk

  • Scott Martin during the race

    Scott Martin running in an early loop of the race. Photo credit: James Holk

  • Scott Martin receiving his winner award

    Scott Martin receiving his winner award from RD Carl Worth.

And see the 2022 photo gallery for the complete set of photographs taken by James Holk at the 2022 race.

Congratulations to all 45 runners that participated. Many personal records were beaten, and many lessons were learned. Almost everyone plans to come back stronger next time.

The table below gives final results for every runner. Click/tap on any column header to sort (or reverse sort) by that column. Also see the results spreadsheet for the lap times for every runner on every lap.

Clicking/tapping on any row in the table below will take you to an album of photos from the 2022 race featuring that runner.

Result Given name Surname Bib Hometown Loops
Winner Scott Martin 36 Portland, Oregon 34
DNF Ryan Cotton 4 Vancouver, Washington 33
DNF Mikey Sklar 30 Lakewood, Washington 30
DNF Tom Jackson 47 Moses Lake, Washington 29
DNF Matt Webb 42 Denver, Colorado 27
DNF Julija Šorytė 52 Portland, Oregon 26
DNF Joe Carroll 46 Portland, Oregon 25
DNF David Wilson 25 Sisters, Oregon 25
DNF Van Phan 29 Lakewood, Washington 25
DNF Stephen Schieberl 39 Estacada, Oregon 24
DNF Jason Komorowski 45 Portland, Oregon 24
DNF Ryan McIrvin 27 Renton, Washington 20
DNF Joshua Niggli 2 Wilsonville, Oregon 19
DNF Saravanan Mylsamy 26 Portland, Oregon 18
DNF Philip Brundage 6 Portland, Oregon 18
DNF Derek Easton 38 Vancouver, Oregon 18
DNF Richard Young 7 Beaverton, Oregon 17
DNF Tyler Miller 51 Cardiff, California 17
DNF Gabe Callaway 24 Boring, Oregon 17
DNF Noel Tavan 44 Portland, Oregon 16
DNF Byron Boots 12 Portland, Oregon 16
DNF Andrea Artman 35 Beaverton, Oregon 16
DNF Peter Frick-Wright 34 Portland, Oregon 15
DNF Leah Brown 15 Portland, Oregon 15
DNF Saulius Bračiulis 28 Seattle, Washington 14
DNF Steve Walters 14 Tigard, Oregon 14
DNF Ellie Bon 32 Sonoma, California 14
DNF Travis Flanagan 9 Aurora, Oregon 13
DNF Ellie Webb 41 Denver, Colorado 13
DNF Cory White 31 Los Gatos, California 12
DNF Tyson Humble 49 Portland, Oregon 12
DNF Paul Bourman 21 Beaverton, Oregon 12
DNF Jackie Fisher 48 Lake Oswego, Oregon 10
DNF Grant Polson 18 Hood River, Oregon 10
DNF Colin Kambak 5 Portland, Oregon 10
DNF Andrew Brown 19 Hillsboro, Oregon 10
DNF Keith Callaway 43 Canby, Oregon 9
DNF Glenn Armstrong 17 Tigard, Oregon 8
DNF Michael Hauser 3 Portland, Oregon 8
DNF Ryan Sheridan 11 Hubbard, Oregon 8
DNF Charlie Ristau 37 Portland, Oregon 7
DNF Adrian Pruncut 50 Beaverton, Oregon 5
DNF Laura Benson 53 Sandy, Utah 4
DNF Jonathan Sisley 13 Silverton, Oregon 3
DNF Will Martin 10 Eugene, Oregon 2